Buyer and Tenant Representative

Why Use Industry One as your Corporate Tenant/Buyer Representative?

No Lose Situation: Because our fee is paid by the other side as part of the normal cooperation or brokerage fee sharing arrangement, our services require no out-of-pocket cost to the tenant. This is a "no lose" situation for buyers and tenants. Actually, through our incentive program we may be able to get you a credit for coffee service.

Always here for you: We don't disappear after the lease is signed. Our clients can call us during the lease to report any issues like roof leaks, bad snow plowing, or just ask our advice on a course of action.

Better Information for Informed Decisions: Customized software that we use to create customized lease analysis reports, new lease vs. renewal lease, and lease vs purchase analysis reports, so you, the tenant, can see which deal looks better today and over the long haul. We will compare all options—including renewing your existing lease—at no out-of-pocket cost. This takes into consideration several factors including all tenant moving expenses.

Save Money: Owner's or seller's agent must work to get the owner or seller the most advantageous transaction (highest price). We as your buyer's agent or tenant's representative have the duty to work to get you the best deal. It is that simple.

Local Expertise: We have negotiated thousands of leases and are familiar with every major landlord's bottom line.

Save Even More Money On Attorney Fees: We can review the lease before it goes to your attorney and have the ability to make notes on potential issues to assist your attorney and expedite the lease negotiation process. We will prepare a complementary lease abstract and compare it to the local market and current market rates.

Best Fit: Because of this relationship we can commit the time to carefully analyze your company's current and future requirements and will work to ensure that any property or space you acquire is truly appropriate for your needs. Unlike when you work with the owner's or seller's representative or "listing agent", we have no incentive to steer you to any one particular property.

Full Disclosure: We typically can disclose information to you that other agents can't: as your buyer's agent or tenant's representative we can disclose information to you concerning the seller's or owner's motivation, prior transaction data, or other information that the listing agent may not disclose to you.

Better Communication: Each alternative is looked at objectively, and we can now align our interests with the landlord. This leads to better communication, cooperation, and transparent information on a potential deal.

More Choices: We are tenant rep brokers; we will be able to show all available properties currently on the market, and will not steer you to the ones listed by any one firm or agent. More Importantly, we can also (with your permission) broadcast the requirement to our Network of Brokers and Landlords to possibly be offered an off the market property, which in many instances is the best value.

Confidentiality: We can keep private information that other agents cannot: you may disclose information to us about your situation. As a seller's or owner's agent we might be required to transmit that information to the seller. As your exclusive agent we have no obligation to the landlord or seller.

Less Confusion and Stress: Your entire experience will be less stressful, and more fun! By dealing with us exclusively you will not have to wonder who showed you what property, and with whom did you discuss what. We will act as your single point of contact. We will give you comprehensive reports of all properties that fit your criteria as well as tour reports of properties we actually visited.